The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
James 5:16

For me to grow closer to God

Ebony | January 1, 2022

Please pray for more interviews and full time employment for me soon

Crystal V. | December 27, 2022

Praise: The Lord graced us with little Eliana, and my wife and her are doing well!

Nate | December 23, 2022

Please pray for God’s intervention in my marriage

Katrina | December 20, 2022

Please pray for Larry’s continued sinus condition; he is under care now with local ENT.

Marie | December 17, 2022

Robert was diagnosed with throat cancer

Marie | December 16, 2022

Please pray for my health, and for those who I have witnessed to

Celeste | December 13, 2022

Val has nerve damage in his back, causing pain

December 12, 2022

For Allan, George, Martin, and Steven to get saved

Frankie | December 11, 2022

My dad Neal had a fall on Thursday, and is bedbound. Please pray for his health, as well as mine.

Annmarie | December 6, 2022

Joe Cesario has a possible heart issue, and needs an appointment with a cardiologist ASAP

Marie | December 5, 2022

Please pray for my husband Wu’s salvation, and for my friend Mengyee and his girlfriends’ salvation.

Berly | December 5, 2022

Timothy K.’s salvation and family situation

Kimly | December 1, 2022

Joe Cesario went hospital this morning with chest pains. Please pray for his health.

Marie | December 2, 2022

Please pray for Vince and I, and our marriage. Please pray for forgiveness, healing and total restoration.

Katrina | December 1, 2022

My friend Connie has been diagnosed with cancer

Charlene | December 1, 2022

For Amber to pass her nursing boards

Barbara | November 29, 2022

Please pray for Val as he is in a lot of pain, and for wisdom for the doctors

Barbara | November 29, 2022

My son Max was rushed to the hospital on Friday with a collapsed lung. He is having surgery this afternoon (11/30)

Dana | November 30, 2022

I came down with covid, please pray for me to have a speedy recovery

Lois | November 26, 2022

Prayers for Larry as he recovers from a very painful procedure Wednesday on his sinuses

Marie | November 24, 2022

My 11th mo. granddaughter Gracie and her mom Kristan have covid, please prayer for their recovery

Lois | November 22, 2022

Please pray for my Aunt Alba, who is saved and searching for a new church

Berly | November 20, 2022

Please pray for my friend Peter, who has been presented the gospel

Anonymous | November 20, 2022

Greg’s brother-in-law passed away. Please pray for Greg’s sister Leslie and family

Steve | November 10, 2022

For me to learn and understand the will of God, and that I will fall in love with the Word of God

Jessica | November 10, 2022

For Shirley to embrace the joy of the Lord

Frank | November 9, 2022

Larry has upcoming appointments:   11/22 hearing evaluation and 11/23  procedure on sinuses

Marie | November 6, 2022

Two year old Preston has severe RSV and is in the ICU

Jennifer | November 4, 2022

Praise: My daughter’s tests revealed no kidney cancer!

Frank | November 3, 2022

Please pray that my wife’s headaches and vision issues go away

Nate | November 2, 2022

The Madeiros family lost their father

October 30, 2022

Please pray for Danae who is expecting and due this week

Annmarie | October 30, 2022

Ron suffered a severe fall accident resulting in head and neck injury. Please pray for his recovery and for my sister Leslie who is caring for him

Greg | October 30, 2022

Please pray for Jesse’s trauma and health problems

Michelle | October 28, 2022

Please pray for Ukraine, and for our Chinese brothers and sisters who are suffering

Berly | October 27, 2022

Please pray for Jesse’s trauma and health problems

Michelle | October 28, 2022

Please pray for Ukraine, and for our Chinese brothers and sisters who are suffering

Berly | October 27, 2022

My sister Joyce is very sick in the hospital

Barbara | October 26, 2022

My daughter has a tumor on her kidney. Please pray for a good outcome.

Frank | October 25, 2022

I have a left hip replacement surgery Nov. 2. Please pray I don’t end up with a foot drop!

Robin | October 23, 2022

My friend Qisi is suffering from severe depression, and is in need of salvation

Berly | October 19, 2022

Please pray for my daughter Estefany’s neck mobility to improve

Berly | October 18, 2022

Pray for the Loper Family in the passing of Clark’s dad

Rebecca | October 16, 2022

Pray for the evangelism campaign in Finland this October and November

Petri | October 16, 2022

Larry has an ENT appointment Nov 3. Pray it does not get cancelled and that a date can be set up soon for surgery.

Marie | October 12, 2022

My husband Sean was in the hospital for an allergic reaction to medication. He is home on medication. Please pray for his recovery!

Julie | October 11, 2022

Please pray for my husband, Kaikai, my mom, Yomara, to be saved.

Berly | October 9, 2022

My brother in law, Steve, is awaiting heart transplant. He and his wife need salvation.

Lucia | October 5, 2022

Please pray for my husband Eric’s salvation

April | October 5, 2022

Susan Gabis had a heart attack and will have a CATH done Wednesday (10/5) 

Darlene | October 4, 2022

Alecia is not adjusting to her morphine pump, and she cannot find help. Please pray her body adjusts, or she finds the help she needs.

Don | October 2, 2022

Praise: Our growth group has been praying for Jeff’s surgery to get scheduled. It got scheduled, and after praying for that date to be moved up, God moved it to Oct. 4th!

Matt | September 28, 2022

For a successful back surgery and recovery for Jeff on October 4

Matt | September 28, 2022

Please continue to pray for my dad. Pray for his pain, and that we can find someone to assist with him soon

Annmarie | September 27, 2022

Please pray for our son, Michael, to be saved

Karen | September 23, 2022

For comfort and strength for Carl as he lost his wife of 53 years

Anonymous | September 18, 2022

For Garrison at Bible college this year

Annmarie | September 7, 2022

For our family as we move my dad from the hospital to our home, and for my mom who is struggling with memory loss

Annmarie | September 12, 2022

My brother Nathan is in the hospital with a severe leg infection

Josh | September 7, 2022

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